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Market Metrics Performance | DJIA IndexDo you need assistance with your investment timing? Don’t we all!

Tap into to our signal feed for when to buy, sell, short or sit it out. Use our sound money management rules to scale your investment positions appropriately to the risk and reward potential of present market conditions.

We make our market research, technical analysis and investment timing signals available so you can grow your own investments with less risk, more confidence, and greater returns.

We offer:

  • Investment Education: Learn about market timing methodologies and good money management practices.
  • Investment Climate Monthly: Be ready for the next bull or bear market. Know your current investment climate and the risks and approximate timing of a reversal in direction.
  • Leg Trading Advice: Capture the returns available from short term market corrections with timed swing trading. Use our weekly charting service to track key proprietary market metrics that we developed over 5 years of intensive research into market metric efficacy.
  • Action Alerts: Get real-time action information on when to switch your investment between long and short positions for maximum reward at minimum risk. Experience taught the trading pro’s “to know when to hold’em, and know when to fold’em”. Market Metrics codified their trading rules and now applies them every day in its own portfolio investing. So can you!